Gallery 1

This is a range of smaller wall clocks which are generally available or can be ordered. Prices start at just £25.

Generally where mahogany is indicated for a clock dial it will be used if available, but as this is a wood that is only reclaimed from old furniture the supply is very limited, therefore oak or sycamore may be used instead of mahogany if unavailable, but you will always be informed.

Gallery 2

These are all individual limited edition clocks, generally one only being made of each and those shown are available for sale.

Gallery 3- Competition Work

Loewe Craft Prize 

                                 “Time Reborn”


Inspired by a visit in 2017 to the Jeita Grotto caves in Lebanon. I felt I had to create a clock to try and interpret the unique dazzling beauty of the stone concretions millions of years old yet only reborn for public view in 1969.

I have interpreted the rock formations by constructing the pillar in old oak to indicate the fantastic age and shapes formed by nature, and added a clock to represent the Grottos rebirth for public view, in the same way that the clock in itself rises up from the depths of the pillar time is reborn from a piece of old reclaimed mahogany, and with coins of my country for hour markings for this truly international pearl of nature. The work is finished with Danish Oil with my signature inserted into the base.

This special clock will be entered this year for the Loewe Craft Prize 2019.

Aesthetica Art Prize

These clocks have been entered for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 to be judged next year.

                                  “Joy of Music”

JOY of MUSIC was inspired by a street musician in York with the constantly changing freedom in his music, the clock I have made shows this freedom yet at the same time shows the regular beat of the pendulum within the music and again the freedom and rebirth in the music in the reclaimed mahogany clock face.

                                 “Kirsty’s Mind”

KIRSTY’S MIND was inspired by the crazy mind of a lovely girl I know, and the clock mimics in its oak construction her complicated but beautiful mind with its loose thoughts, random thoughts and sometimes inspired thoughts, ever freely changing and renewing in the same way as time is constantly reborn, her mind moves on ever renewing thoughts to the beat of the pendulum, the clock face itself is in recognition of this rebirth in that it is mahogany reborn and reclaimed from an old fireplace.

                                  “Time Lost”

TIME LOST  I have shown time which we waste and allow to slip away from us sliding down from the clock to crumble into shapeless bars of time as it falls, swirling round and hopelessly lost to pile up in despair at the bottom of the clock never to be recovered and lost for ever.

                                   “Circles of Life”

CIRCLES OF LIFE I have shown the circles of life in my clock, on the left the empty shell at birth waiting for lifes knowledge, and then with the foremost circle in the middle of our informative years, and on the right in the background the circle of old age. And with lifetime’s circles ever moving to the ticking of my clock. The circles in my clock are made from reclaimed mahogany reborn as life is itself reborn.